H&M – Maison Martin Margiela

During the fall of 2012 we were asked to create the campaign site for the collaboration between H&M and Maison Martin Margiela.

The overall idea is a playful take on pop up windows. Each campaign image has a personal theme with inspirational pop ups and sounds that help make the experience of every image unique.

While most pop ups change for each image we have one text and an input field based pop up that follows the user through the whole inspirational section.

The input pop up functions almost like a computer command prompt; asking questions and responding to users answers. Occasionally the pop up is used to guide the user on how to interact with parts of the inspiration view.

On the collection page we display all collection items in three different surveillance camera views. These views occasionally change angle in a seemingly random manner. Just as on the inspiration page all items are clickable and open pop up views that reveal more details about the chosen item.